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Below is the current list of Authorized TORUSTM Distributors that are authorized to act as product distributors in the territories noted. Distributors are only permitted to sell to their wholesale customers in the territory allocated to the Distributor, and the wholesale and other customers must also abide by the restriction of selling only in that Territory. Should any Distributor or Wholesale, Reseller or other Customer of the Distributor sell TORUSTM Products outside of the allocated Territory, the right of that Party to sell TORUSTM Products may be cancelled with 7-day notice in writing at the sole discretion of TORUSTM. Any TORUSTM Products purchased from an unauthorized Distributor or Wholesaler, Reseller or other Customer of the Distributor that are in breach of the aforementioned, WILL NOT be covered under our warranty. Additionally, you may potentially run the risk of buying a reconditioned or refurbished unit from an unauthorized reseller.